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DMX Solution is a dynamic and innovative company that conceives, designs and produces Professional DMX Lighting Control systems for a variety of lighting projects, buildings and venues in Europe. Based in Romania since 2011, the company has over a decade of experience in smart lighting applications with DMX 512 standard, smart homes and technology.

From architecture, events, smart TV sets or TV shows and ceremony venues, residential buildings and horeca, we are in charge of spectacular smart lighting.

Today’s smart lighting systems are about connectivity, teamwork and reliability which DMX Solution can offer at highest quality standards. 


DMX solutions for smart lighting & smart home enable efficient and personalized lighting control automatically, creating energy-efficient and comfortable environments in residential, commercial and industrial spaces. This includes the implementation of DMX512 technology, which allows individual control of each fixture in a lighting system, providing precise adjustments of light intensity, color and lighting scenes.

By partnering with Loxone, a company recognized globally for its advanced technology and building automation solutions, DMX Solution aims to provide complete and integrated solutions to enable residential and commercial building automation, improving user comfort and energy efficiency.