dmx solution

we build light experiences

design, installation and maintenance for smart lighting systems & smart homes

modern, professional & innovative lighting services for all venues

producers of our own controllers & high value solutions provider

Original light ideas & venues

DMX shines for stages, horeca, residential, TV, concerts and more


Pioneers for Romania, passionate for DMX technology, producers of own controllers and fast on results for all venues and events

smart light settings

From events venues to cafes, bars and concerts, our lighting systems are uniquely performant, controlled and effective.

dmx 512& touch screens

We are authorised under DMX 512 standard and we have our own shop here:

Fast results

Clients call us "wizards" of sophisticated lighting sequences and tamers of the jungle of cables

radiant light

Our lighting systems enhances any architecture giving our clients the tools they need to create perfectly illuminated interior and exterior spaces.

We pride ourselves on our strong industry partnership with: